About me

Sean and myself on our wedding day in May, 2015

Hi, thanks for taking some time to find out more about me and my shop!

I loooooove old stuff! For me, it all started many years ago when my parents took my brother and myself to flea markets and junk shops, and were allowed to make a little extra pocket money by selling off some old household goods and toys in front of our local supermarket. It instilled a love for the old and a fond appreciation for the used. That I spend all my hard-earned cash on buying flowers for my mum…. is another story.

In 2008 my now-husband then-boyfriend Sean and I started moving around, and we have lived in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Australia and are now in Canada. I have had to sell off so many of my beloved possessions that it has now become almost easy to let go of that special treasure I uncovered only months ago.

I relish the thrill of the hunt and the delight in finding that gem. I am realistic enough to know that I cannot possibly keep everything I find, so in this shop you will find everything I have the heart to let go. I seem to have a soft spot for bags and boxes – and items made of steel, leather or bone.

You can find me on Etsy as 1000crows vintage (check my UK based store 1000crows for past sales and feedback), on Ebay as Bessels1980 (since 2008) and Kijiji (Toronto local only) and now… on my very own website!

I will keep this site as the main gathering point of all my stock, and will give you the most complete overview of what I currently have on offer. Do not hesitate to get in touch should you wish to see more photos of an item, or collect it in person from our home in East York, Ontario.

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