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Boys Toys / NEW ITEMS

Boys Toys / NEW ITEMS

Boys Toys But we wouldn’t like to suggest it’s just the boys that are allowed to handle these! From rusty mantiques (or are those…rustiques?) to sophisticated watch fobs, kitchen items and a couple of actual toys, this is a truly varied collection for every taste and budget. This musical money bank is sure to put a […]


The Garden of Eden / NEW ITEMS

These items have been posted a short while back – I have a fresh collection ‘Boys Toys‘ coming to Etsy tomorrow! Sign up for my newsletter if you want to be among the first to see what’s NEW in store next; you can add your name to my list here: Don’t forget to confirm your e-mail […]

Hartmann skymate

Who’s ready for travel? NEW ITEMS

Who’s ready for travel? NEW items posted 26th May 2017     A luxury 1930s Hartmann Skymate suitcase, this beauty is lined in pink! Personalised with gold toned lettering. CAD $ 245   A gorgeous piece of leather, this travel wallet really takes you back! Customized for air or steamship tickets, it would serve just […]

12 Common thrift shopping mistakes we all make

There is an art to thrifting, make no mistake. Thrifting to me means being frugal whilst enjoying the thrill of the hunt. It could be done in thrift stores, charity shops, yard or garage sale, boot sales, auction houses or even at antique shows. I’m not saying I always get it right – without failure there […]


My wedding on a budget

Hello everyone and thanks for checking in with me. Since wedding season has begun, and today being my 2nd anniversary, I decided to do a (massive!) blog post on how you might save a bit of money on your big day. I’m not talking doing it cheap (although please feel free to do so), just cheaper. […]

Workspace setup. The table has been cobbled together from left over bit of wood with a painted door on top of it. It's a great working height!

Lighting kit

As the weather steadily grows colder and wetter I will be forced to stay indoors to prepare my item listings, so I finially bit the bullet and got myself a very simple continuous lighting kit. And yes, being the proud pennypincher I am, I chose one of the most inexpensive ones. I got this particular […]

Etsy help file session 4: Tips and Tricks

Etsy Help File session 4: Tips and Tricks   There are a number of things you can do on Etsy and Social Media to improve the odds of getting found, and your items being sold. Some might help better than others, others will be phased out as Etsy search algorithms change and new ones will […]

Etsy help file session 3: Policies

Etsy Help File session 3: Policies   After sessions 1 and 2, you now have a store, with products and a public face. It’s time to delve into your Terms and Conditions. ‘Your shop’ > ‘Shop Settings’ > ‘Info and Appearance’ > Tab 2: Policies Filling out your terms and condition will not only make […]

Etsy help file session 2: Identity

Etsy Help File session 2: Identity   In session 1: The basics, we looked into opening an Etsy shop. In this session we’ll have a look at your store’s identity, your brand, and your marketing. Some of these pointers may apply if you already have a shop on Etsy or even if you run a […]

Etsy help file session 1: the Basics

Etsy Help File session 1: The Basics   You have decided that, for whatever reason, you would like to open up an Etsy shop. Congratulations! I opened my shop 1000crows in January of 2014 and enjoyed pretty much everything about it. It is a learning curve, so if you are expecting instant success or to […]